Black Orchard Haunted House

Join us for Silent Night at Kentucky's Old Fashioned Haunted House in the Heart of Shelbyville!

Silent Night on December 7 is a Christmas season version of Kentucky's "Old Fashioned" Haunted House benefiting Toys For Tots. Black Orchard was named one of the country's scariest and area's Most Twisted haunted houses.
SILENT NIGHT - ON DEC 7 - $20.00
Includes: Christmas Themed Haunt, Christmas Themed Escape Room, Hot Cocoa, Candy Cane, Christmas Picture & More!
Black Orchard Haunted House is an attraction visiting the brutal murder site of the infamous Black Orchard Murders. These atrocities were so graphic that they remain classified to this day. Silas Black and his family of killers remain at large. It is rumored they have returned to the orchard where you will enter their barn and experience the darkest side of human kind. You haven’t seen the evil that lies inside humans until you see What’s In The Barn!


704 Kentucky Street
Shelbyville, KY 40065



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